We may not be together
in the way we used to be,
we are still connected by
a cord no eye can see.

So whenever you need to find me,
we' re never far apart
if you look beyond the rainbow
and listen with your heart.

Pet Memorials

Brass Paw Print Vase Urns

Available in 3 sizes. They are brushed-nickel colored and made of solid brass. Each urn comes with a threaded screw top for easy and safe installation. This brass urn is manufactured to the highest quality standards available in today's pet urn market place.

Contemporary Cat Urns

Crafted from solid bronze and perfectly apportioned to resemble the original Egyptian feline. This urn weighs 2 lbs., 8 oz. and stands 9.5 inches tall, with 3 finishes to choose from: black matte, antique bronze or gloss black. This feline comes with a square marble base. Engraving is included up to 3 lines, 12 words and a picture.

Engraved Granite Lawn and Garden Memorials

2 sizes. 10 x 6 x 2 or 14 x 9 x 2. These pieces are ideal outside as granite withstands the elements much better than marble. It is one of the hardest materials on earth. These stones provide a large canvas so engraving options are endless. Use our standard order form or contact us for personalization idea.

Engraved Marble Stones

Available in memorial form or just to have a picture of your pet on the coffee table or fireplace mantel. They come with a plastic stand and sizes range from 5 x 7, 6 x 6, or 12 x 12. These are very popular as gifts for friends as well. These stones and the hearts are polished on all sides and are 8 mm thick.

Solid Marble Vase Urns

100% real stone carved from solid pieces of marble by true old-world artisans. Each vase is polished to produce a high-quality finish. Every vase is absolutely unique. Colors and patterns vary with each urn. Choose from white, black, or random rose. Each color is available in small, medium, and large size to accommodate most pets. Accessible through a removable top, which is secured to the vase using silicone sealant supplied with your purchase.

Simply Oak Urns

Made from solid oak hardwood with a round top edge. The inside is accessible through the bottom panel which is secured with screws. We can engrave a name on the front of the urn and we suggest you consider adding a picture. We offer these economical urns in 5 different sizes.

Engraved Marble Hearts

The ideal gift or to have in your home or office to remember your pet by. Sizes are 5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. Each one comes with a plastic stand. There are many engraving options so contact our artists who are happy to answer your questions.

Engraved Granite Bases

Square pieces polished on all sides. These super black blocks are a perfect match for our vase urns and supplied as part of our Contemporary Cat urn. We will engrave a picture of your pet and 3 lines of type. (See place your order). You can choose to memorialize your pet as a standalone remembrance as well. NOTE: the 2-inch square makes great paper weights for your desk.

Sterling Paw Print Jewelry with Chain

Very petite. Has the same design front and back. This piece is 100% .925 sterling silver and comes with a funnel and instructions to load with fine ash remains. Since the beginning of humankind, love ones whom have passed have been remembered with a keepsake or small token held close to the heart. Engraving is not available for this item.

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